We believe in the power of inner work. We believe you can bring out the best in yourself and your organisation.

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The KC Institute for Inner Work (the KC Institute) creates spaces where individuals and leaders are supported and affirmed to better lead themselves and their organisations. Understanding that change starts with the self, we facilitate conversations which assist leaders to transform their characters and consciousness, and take accountability for the effects their actions inflict on society.

it starts with me


We facilitate groundbreaking and transformative retreats by creating the safe space for the challenging discussions necessary for progress to occur. Participants are encouraged to openly and respectfully engage with each other. We also provide consulting services.


Mr Segogo Molete, Rantsane Secondary School Principal (Free State, South Africa)

“The retreat was a difficult process… People came out wounded, but in order to grow, they needed to be uncomfortable. I learnt what people thought about me. The good, the bad and the ugly. We came out of the retreat healed and affirmed.”

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The KC Institute for Inner Work’s The Learnings Podcast is a podcast series which provides a safe space to discuss the lessons learnt during trying times and explores the practical ways to put those lessons to work. The Learnings Podcast is an interview-style engagement with one or more guests. The conversations are honest and real;...

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